USDA Certified

Treleoni® introduces the only USDA Certified Bio Preferred floor pad. Made from renewable plant material, not petroleum, the Provito® line of pads is durable, efficient and because the fiber is made from plants, it supports the cause for sustainability.


Get In On the Beginning™

The evolutionary Provito (For Life) Floor Pads from Treleoni are made with fiber from plants, not oil-based materials, and have earned the USDA *Biobased Product Certification Label. Using renewable agricultural commodities for manufacturing provides a significantly lower carbon footprint than any other pad (60% lower than PS and PET) and is a major ecological step forward in our industry.
NatureWorks® provides the plant based Ingeo pellets we use. The carbon footprint is 80% lower than oil-based materials resulting in 80% less greenhouse gasses. Treleoni has engineered this technology for use in commercial floor pads.

If you are going to impact the environment for good, why wait until the end?
What makes it better?

Top performance is not compromised by a unique construction using plant-based materials. Your carbon footprint is reduced when you choose to use Provito over other comparable UHS pads. Provito is the only pad made from plants. Available in a range of sizes, any finishing job can be accomplished with this technologically-advanced, high-quality product from Treleoni.

Our Floor Pads Ranked Among Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

As more facilities pursue green initiatives, distributors are stocking cleaning products and equipment that meet their customers’ sustainability criteria. Likewise manufacturers are responding with new technologies that satisfy the trend toward cleaning for health and reducing environmental impact–all without forfeiting quality or increasing end users’ costs.

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