Not all recycled fibers are created equally.


Treleoni® uses only first quality post consumer materials from Repreve®, a certifiably sustainable fiber provider. Companies that make products using Repreve can make reliable content claims.


In a standard 20” pad, we have saved 8 plastic bottles from the landfill. In 2012 Repreve reclaimed over 410M plastic bottles that people recycled, and that helped save the energy equivalent to 3.8M gallons of gasoline while reducing the carbon footprint. Developing the Rennovi™ brand floor pad line required finding the right fiber partner. We wanted a partner where sustainability was a lifestyle, not a business proposition. Our partner had to have a way to verify the quality of the fiber they supplied and have a national presence with other well-known brands.


Repreve is made with transparency and integrity. As a highly visible publically held company, Unifi (the parent company for Repreve) met all of our criteria. Other companies using Repreve include Ford, Patagonia, Polartec, Haggar, Hon, Northface and JulieApple Bags. We are proud to add Treleoni and Rennovi™ to the list.

Saving the Planet

Today, fewer than 30% of plastic bottles are recycled in the United States. Every bottle that gets turned into Repreve means less petroleum wasted and a little less pollution. Since Rennovi floor pads are made only of post-consumer waste (not post-industrial) we encourage the recycling of plastic bottles, which are the PET bottles labeled with 1 on the bottom.

Why Rennovi?

Aren’t there pads out there already that are made with recycled materials?
Yes, and that is the problem. Not all recycled materials are equal. Rennovi is made with only verifiable first quality post consumer fiber. It contains NO post industrial waste.


What is post-industrial waste (a.k.a. pre-consumer waste)?

Post-Industrial waste refers to the material that is the waste from a manufacturer’s production cycle – trimmings, scraps, X-Ray films, industrial dust and such – never used by consumers.


What is post-consumer waste?

Post-consumer waste is recovered from the consumer supply chain, primarily from beverage bottles, which are recycled and then ground and processed as a polyester staple fiber feedstock. Post consumer is much cleaner stock than post industrial.


Floor pads are used on the floor. Why does it matter?

Using a higher grade of material makes a much better and more consistent pad. But there is an even greater reason to use post consumer instead of post-industrial; the environment. Post-consumer waste is more likely to clog the landfills because, unlike manufacturing plants, there is no economic advantage for consumers to recycle. We have chosen to make the greatest positive impact on the planet by using post consumer waste only, as evidence suggests it is the biggest problem in landfills. Many of our customers feel the same way. Choosing Rennovi™ Pads, made with Repreve®, over pads made with combined consumer and industrial waste accomplishes two goals: a better quality pad, and a better quality future for the next generation.


How will someone know the difference?

Repreve is used in many well known brands sold across America today. It is a strong brand in itself and consumers are seeking out those companies and products that they know are serious about the environment. Segments like healthcare, government, universities and retail will definitely know the integrity behind this material and we think they will choose Rennovi™ made with Repreve.


Why is Treleoni bringing this product line to market?

Many of our customers have requested a true post consumer waste product. With Repreve we have the advantage of U Trust and Fiberprint™ to verify what we are putting inside our pad. We can assure them that they are part of the sustainable community.